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Do you have a passion for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?  Do you have a great clinical research idea but don't know where to start?  Are you in a degree program or work scenario where a research study is required but do not have the mentorship support?  Are you currently conducting a research study and are overwhelmed?  If any of these describe you, then you've come to the right place! 

The Gantt Clinical Research Institute LLC provides clinical research consulting and customized clinical research education services to novice researchers who have a passion for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) modalities.   The institute partners with universities and healthcare organizations to provide supplemental one on one consultations and/or group workshops/video conferences to support the organization's sustainment of a successful and thriving clinical research portfolio. From the conception of an idea all the way to the dissemination of research findings, we’ll give you the support you need wherever you are on the clinical research journey.

The institute has three core precepts.  We call this our 3 level pyramid for research success.  First,  we will help you lay a firm foundation to be a successful researcher.  Second, we will give you the tools and best practices to be more organized and efficient while conducting your research.  Finallywe will help you find ways to disseminate your work for all to see as well as to help you plan your next research adventure!

Start Your Clinical Research Journey On The Right Foot With The Novice Researcher Roadmap!

Just like a standard roadmap, this roadmap will help you:

  • Plan out the appropriate route to get you to your clinical research destination
  • Stay on course as you move through the phases of clinical research
  • Identify points on your journey where you should stop to rest and refuel as well as points to seek assistance before moving too far in your clinical research
  • Identify alternate ways to get to the same research destination in the event of roadblocks

You are not alone!  You are part of a special group.  CAM researchers are motivated by their desire to shed light on unconventional methods that can help improve the quality of life of others.  That in and of itself is special.  With the right roadmap and guide in the passenger seat, you will do just that but more efficiently!

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Plan out the appropriate route to get you to your clinical research destination!


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