During Research Phase

This phase usually begins with a celebration because the research proposal has been approved. However, in most cases, the celebration is short-lived because most novice researchers are doing the research solo and/or have other obligations.  Others freeze because they do not know what to do first or run full speed ahead without putting the proper administrative structures in place.  The key here is to first get organized so that you can conduct your research confidently and efficiently.  We provide researchers with best practices and templates on...


     - Various methods for efficient time management not only for your research but for your personal life as well

     - Setting up your study files

     - How to create a regulatory binder

     - How to manage your budget, supplies, and equipment

     - How to find resources if you do not have funding

     - The best methods to recruit and retain research participants

     - Data collection and data management methods

     - The proper handling and reporting of adverse events, protocol deviations, amendments, and annual reports

     - How to prepare for a regulatory or audit site visit