Pre-Research Phase


So, you have this great research idea but do not know where to start.  Maybe you are considering serving as a site investigator for a sponsored clinical trial.  Before taking any steps, it is important to first lay a firm foundation.  Without a firm foundation, what you attempt to build will topple or you will find yourself expending wasted energy.  



We provide researchers with the resources to brainstorm their research idea and upon reaching that conclusion will provide the appropriate foundational measures to turn that idea into a well thought out research plan.  We can help you with…

     - Taking your idea and solidifying it into a firm research question with study aims

     - Demystifying the age-old question “Is my idea research, quality/process improvement, or an evidence-based practice project?”

     - Writing a research proposal

     - Identifying research funding opportunities

     - Ensuring that you have a good scientific merit review plan in place for your protocol

     - Understanding basic statistics...yes, you too can learn basic statistics!

     - Surviving the Institutional Review Board

     - Formulating a research management plan